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Multiview provides powerful, easy-to-use financial applications to enterprises of any size for accounting and financial planning.


Available as a hosted and fully-managed cloud application or as an on-premise application, Multiview Cloud delivers full-featured performance through our AWS partnership.

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Business Intelligence

Multiview’s powerful reporting environment, ViewPoint, gives you production financial reporting, dashboards, Business Intelligence coupled with drill-down all in one package.

  • Easy-to-use, fast, powerful reporting without IT
  • Graphical visualization
  • Accurate info in real-time
  • On-demand dashboards and pivots


Enhances your control and oversight of all internal control functions by providing a visual medium for the setting up and monitoring of all your authorization and review processes.

  • Visualize then actualize your approval process
  • Automatically route tasks and assignments
  • Automates responsibility and accountability while providing visual clarity of routing activities

Budgeting & Forecasting

Budget and forecast your organizations long and short term goals. Create budget approval workflows and compare budget to actual results. Budget various ways using general accounting structure, payroll or allocations. And more!

  • Collect budget inputs into a single point of truth
  • Improve budget planning driven from behavioral analysis of historical data
  • See process status at a glance

General Ledger

Puts the financial information you need within reach, and guarantees you timely access to the information your organization requires, both now and into the future.

  • Helps you comply with regulators & auditors
  • View performance data from any perspective, from a single database
  • Eliminate errors & extra work
  • Operate in multiple currencies

Accounts Payable

Gives you complete control over payments and payment strategies, without the need to involve your IT personnel to get the job done. Built-in policy tables enhance control, speed processing and make it easy to tailor system functions to your unique requirements.

  • Control cash with ease
  • Get the most out of your banks
  • Enhance vendor relationships

Accounts Receivable

A comprehensive system for managing receivables, cash receipts and customer credit that allows you to control this critical business function, yet retain the flexibility you need to adapt to changing business conditions.

  • Collect cash efficiently
  • Stay ahead of credit and collection problems
  • Adapts to any business model, so work the way you know best

All the above. And so much more.

Seamless Integration

ViewSource360 lets you drill from a Multiview transaction to the details from your production systems. ViewSource360 allows you to see supporting information that is summarized in the general ledger and financial statements, with a single click.

  • Follow the trail from a GL or financial statement figure all the way to the individual business transactions it comprises

Project Management

Manage Corporate Project Initiatives using the standard modules to manage the accounting side of the project. Several non-financial project related features provide mini-project management system, roles & contacts, tasks, events, external documents and workflow appraisals.

  • Drill down capabilities enable analysis & control at every level
  • Enhance project by monitoring the cost, scope and time constraint

Document Management

Multiview includes standard document imaging functionality to scan documents. These digital images, as well as spreadsheets and PDF files, can be stored in the Multiview financial data warehouse or separately.

  • Reduces information risk by eliminating the need to rely on multiple data warehouses
  • Gain reliability and confidence by safeguarding one of your most important assets: your information

Purchase Order

A comprehensive purchasing & commitment management system that allows your organization to control the acquisition of goods and services. Manage requisitions, purchases, receipts, and invoices.

  • Provides harmonious flow throughout buying process from issuance to close
  • Oversee order agreements, standing offers and take advantage of known conditions

Work Order

Manage your work order items in any business environment. Create inventory, non-inventory, and work order components. Establish Work order approvals and manage the priority on work orders to be completed.

  • Synchronize internal operations to anticipate, fulfil, and predict external/internal orders

Asset Management

A comprehensive system for measuring and managing productive assets, both tangible and intangible. Exercise tight financial controls, minimize tax liabilities and maintain flexibility.

  • Experience more than just depreciating schedules – discover what it truly means to manage your assets
  • Streamline the acquisition, operation, maintenance, and disposition of your assets


Multiview helps you seamlessly manage the receipt, movement, costing and withdrawal of items from your inventory.

  • Manage operations, refine logistics, and fine-tune your supply chain at any point and level
  • Take stock with advanced scheduling to reduce operating costs and optimize profitability

Time Management

Provides timesheet entry and approvals through Workflow in order to track time spent against various projects. Includes vacation requests and approval through vacation management functionality.

  • Plan, track and control every factor to prioritize and set conditions

Order Management

Multiview provides you with a fully integrated order-taking module that captures and manages the fulfillment of customer orders.

  • Simplify your business process fulfilment without limiting options or functionality
  • Gain visibility and efficiency


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