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The ABCs of cloud computing for enterprise accounting systems

The cloud as a platform for delivering software is no longer a passing fad.

Now, it’s difficult to find a software solution that is hosted solely on-premise. Instead all data is now hosted on off-site servers in a cloud platform.

The trend for enterprise accounting systems is no different.

Thanks to solutions like Multiview Cloud you can get the reduced costs and greater flexibility that comes with the cloud for your accounting software without having to compromise on security.

What is cloud computing for enterprise accounting systems

Way back when, all software was hosted on the computers on which they were being used.

That’s why, when you got a new piece of software, you had have to install it yourself. The data for the program was physically kept on the computer you were using.

These days, though, that’s changed.

Now, most of the world’s software applications are hosted in the cloud. This allows you to access many programs – including properly-equipped enterprise accounting systems – with just an internet connection.

No on-site servers or installation required!

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Why running enterprise accounting systems in the cloud is better

Greater flexibility

Cloud computing means “renting” server and computer capacity over the internet from a third-party provider. Multiview Cloud offers you the ultimate flexibility by growing right alongside your business. If you need greater capacity, you can pay for it when – or if – you need it.

Improved cash flow management

On-premise installed software requires an upfront infrastructure investment. You need to buy servers and licenses needed to store the data for your software.

With cloud computing, the costs are paid on an ongoing basis.

This not only makes you more agile (see above), it also means you pay only for what you need and use.

More security

There’s a certain peace of mind that comes with using software hosted on your organization’s on-premise computers and servers. No office is completely secure, but at least you can take the personal care to ensure it is locked properly and under your control!

The fact of the matter is this, though: The cloud is more secure than any on-premise solution.


  • Economies of scale: Chances are your organization doesn’t specialize in data security. The cloud allows you to entrust your data to a company that specializes in protecting it.
  • Extensive back-ups: The problem with on-premise solutions is that all the data resides in one place. If something happens – a fire, say, or a flood – you lose it all. Cloud computing means that if the worst were to take place at your office, your data would still be safe. All you’d need is an internet connection to get back up-and-running.
  • Data protection: One of the common concerns about cloud computing is that a host might share your data with another client. But, thanks to features such as data isolation and disk encryption, you can rest assured there’s independence between your data and others’.

The Multiview Solution

Multiview is the ideal solution for any organization looking for enterprise accounting software.

Multiview Cloud was designed to provide you with all the benefits and remove the risks.

No need to spend a lot of time on the heavy lifting of managing infrastructure. Instead, Multiview manages this for you so you don’t have to worry about servers, patching or licensing.

Ready to get started? Download our free white paper on the Multiview Cloud, a hosted and fully-managed cloud application for enterprise accounting.

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