Whether you’re a small business that has outgrown their current financial software or a large enterprise looking for something better, Multiview offers flexible options for deployment.

Hospitals & Healthcare Centers:

Six Reasons to Acquire Multiview Financials ERP

When it comes to the health of people, finance teams can make as big a difference in the big picture as any other hospital department. That’s why we believe their tools should be just as sophisticated.

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Here’s three different insights into how Multiview Financials provides substantial ROI to our clients. From a CFO needing more visibility across business units to a Controller wanting a quick financial health check, Multiview provides much more than just accounting.

Theresa Tabor, Controller, Mt. Ascutney Hospital

Healthcare Profile:
Dig deeper into your transactions

“It’s more than just our accounting system. I use Multiview for 99% of my information and data analysis needs, and it’s 100% reliable. The information from our other systems are viewed in ViewSource 360. For smaller hospitals, bringing our hospital system data into Multiview is a real benefit.

The workflows in Multiview means that managers can attach invoices directly from emails and have the payment transaction follow the correct review and approval channels. We can monitor the progress of these, there’s no lost paperwork and the auditors love it too.

We introduced Multiview’s budgeting product last year and it was great. This year, with additional data, staff are excited about being able to see the underlying transactions that influence their budget assumptions. They can make scratchpad notes and see their budgets change dynamically.

Their support is great, and Chris is the best. My team and I have used support at times, and we never have to wait to hear back.

All our staff are very attached to Multiview. Even our CFO, who doesn’t use the product every day, sees the value that Multiview brings to the hospital’s operations and the team, and he’s a big supporter.”

“It’s more than just our accounting system. I use Multiview for 99% of my information and data analysis needs, and it’s 100% reliable.”

Theresa Tabor

Controller, Mt. Ascutney Hospital

John Worthington, CFO, Member First Mortgage

Budgeting & Forecasting:Put your numbers to work

Cookie-cutter financial accounting solutions stopped working for Member First Mortgage several years ago. Forecasting, an essential component for any mortgage company, was difficult. Up-to-date financials took a long time to develop. Developing accurate numbers across different business lines were next to impossible.

The Michigan-based company risked falling behind its competitors if it didn’t find a custom financial solution to help it make the critical business decisions needed to stay ahead.

But Multiview’s custom financial accounting solution changed that.

Now John Worthington, the company’s CFO, is putting numbers to work for him. He can quickly compile the data he needs from business units across the company to make the strategic decisions that keep Member First Mortgage thriving – all while saving employee time that can be better put to use on developing insights he can use.

From the first interaction to the implementation and maintenance of the new solution, Multiview offered the attention and commitment First Mortgage needed.

Low Cost of Ownership


number of full-time equivalent positions saved as a result of using Multiview

Low Cost of Ownership

Almost 0

amount of overtime in the accounting department after switching to Multiview

Low Cost of Ownership


number of accounting software companies Member First looked at before choosing Multiview

“The other guys kind of blew us off. Multiview was small enough that I got an intimate relationship with our business developer.”

John Worthington

CFO, Member First Mortgage

Sherrill Atasay, Controller, Newport Harbor Corporation

Multiple Business Units:Save time, money and paper

Calculating financials used to be a struggle for Newport Harbor Corporation. Producing reliable numbers took hours of effort and countless spreadsheet tabs.

Now, thanks to Multiview, Sherrill Atasay and her team aren’t just accounting. They’re putting numbers to work for them.

Multiview has allowed the company, and its 16 different business units, to quickly check up on the organization’s financial health and understand what’s impacting it.

Expense reports, journal entries and invoices¬ can all be quickly and easily entered. That’s saved the company time that can now be put to use where it belongs – making better business decisions.

“Multiview has saved so much time in so many different areas of our business,” said Sherrill Atasay, the company’s Controller. “It has allowed us to stop pushing paper around and spend more time doing business-critical activities and analysis for our company.”

Low Cost of Ownership


amount of time it takes to get up-to-date, reliable financial numbers with Multiview

Low Cost of Ownership


number of queries to get a complete financial picture across 16 different business units

Low Cost of Ownership


number of filing cabinets Newport Harbor Corporation has eliminated going paperless with Multiview

“Multiview has saved so much time in so many different areas of our business.”

Sherrill Atasay

Controller, Newport Harbor Corporation

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