Why South University embraced Multiview’s ERP Software

Founded in 1899, post-secondary institution, South University (Savannah, GA), has 11 campuses, 38 online programs, 825 employees, around 2900 vendors, and almost $190 million in revenue. Twelve years ago, the university took an essential step in expanding its academics by creating a College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, College of Health Professions, and the College of Nursing. The College of Theology was later established in 2013. August 2019, Dr. Steven K. Yoho was appointed as Chancellor and CEO for the educational institution to continue towards academic quality, student retention, and student growth.

Location: Savannah, GA

Founded: South University was established in 1899

Website: https://www.southuniversity.edu/

Joined Multiview: 2018

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Why South University Chose Multiview For Their Education ERP

South University needed a single cloud-based ERP solution to simplify the work carried out by the accounting departments. Previously, the school had three systems for workflow. It was very high touch, and employees had to access all three systems, and none of them were accessible by mobile devices. They needed to be able to easily present information to different internal and external regulatory bodies and access different roll-offs. Educational institutions need to measure the profitability of their programs. With all of the highly confidential information collected by a school, security is a top priority, as well as different levels of access to different employees’ and students’ information.

Multiview was a clear choice for South University because of our value proposition and full product and service transparency. Now that they are officially in year two with us, they are looking forward to building on year one. We spoke to Finance Director, Jim Caruso, about how Multiview has changed the organization for the better.

Jim Caruso

Jim Caruso, Finance Director

Jim is an experienced, multi-dimensional corporate finance leader with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. He has a bachelor of science in business administration (BBA) with a major in finance from the University of Pittsburgh.

Q: What was the most obvious advantage offered during the sales process?

I would say that would be the integration; we now have a single cloud-based ERP solution to simplify the work carried out by accounting departments. Our general ledger is integrated and easy to use. Our employees don’t have to log in and out of screens and can log in and out with any device with a secure internet connection. When looking at expenses, I’m able to click on the source and see the vendor activities, invoices, and contact information.

Q: By using Multiview, can you measure any improvements to productivity or time-saving?

Our financial team is much smaller now; we’ve been able to eliminate many redundant roles and let the systems support our process. It has helped us improve the efficiency of time, money, and, most importantly, improved morale across all departments. I haven’t heard anyone complain about the Multiview system since the beginning. Still, just the fact that I don’t have to listen to people talk about why and how this system could be improved is another real time-saver.

Q: Is there anything that Multiview provides to the education industry that was a benefit?

We’re doing a program profitability exercise right now. We’re looking at what’s going on in our undergrad nursing, grad nursing, psychology, and business. I was involved in a program profitability exercise a couple of years ago, and it took five, eight weeks to do it. Multiview’s solution will inevitably make the process quicker and more efficient.

We’re using the RAD codes to identify expenses related to COVID-19. If we had to do this under our old system, it would have taken anywhere from three or six months. So, it would have never gotten done.

Q: How long did the month-end close process take before Multiview?

Our former processes required so many steps and had so many controls, and sign-offs in place month’s end took a couple of weeks. The exports and the general ledger structure in Multiview make it easier. It now takes less than a day to complete our month end close.

Q: What is your favorite feature or part of Multiview?

Employees can approve something on an iPad from a baseball game or on a laptop from a plane. We are not getting backlogs because getting approved can happen from anywhere now.

Q: What Multiview feature do you use most frequently?

I used to have around 2530 vendors’ information on sticky notes stuck to my desk, and now I can go into the system to see all the invoices. Our invoices that we pay are all right there, and we can send it to them in a matter of minutes.

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