Multiview ERP Client: MADD Canada

“We are saving hours, days, and even weeks of work because of how Multiview captures the data. We can then easily retrieve it to use it in a meaningful way. Sometimes it would take us weeks to provide analysis, and now we can provide it in 15 minutes to half an hour.”

Shaida Tabatabai, Director of Finance

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada is a volunteer-driven organization with groups in more than 100 communities nationwide to offer support services to victims, heighten awareness of the dangers of impaired driving, and prevent injuries on our roads.

Being a charity, MADD’s revenue stream is mainly gifts-in-kind (over 50%), donations, corporate gifts, and government grants (0.9%) and expenses including public education, awareness, and research (over 70%), victim services, public outreach campaigns, administration (1.8%) are relatively tight.

Why Multiview?

Director of Finance, Shaida Tabatabai, searched for a more efficient nonprofit organization enterprise software program for its two-person finance department. The organization was operating with multiple programs, add-ons, and Excel spreadsheets. She was unable to process financial statements or do any analysis within one program, making processes very time-consuming and expensive. The charity needed financial statements for audit purposes and to provide management and the board financial reports for showing financial condition, cash flow, decision making, planning and forecasting.

After comparing multiple software options, Shaida noted it was evident that Multiview’s one-stop solution was the right option to achieve the organization’s objectives.

About MADD Canada

Location: Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Industry: Charity


“The entire accounting process has changed for the better. We have reduced some of the requirements for the month’s end because we found it was redundant. We spend less time on month’s end for sure because it’s not just once a month; we do a lot of things daily, which has reduced our time spent on month’s end.”

Shaida Tabatabai

Director of Finance at MADD Canada

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Multiview was the clear choice for MADD Canada because of our all-in-one capabilities, combined with our powerful reporting features and unrivaled customer support. We spoke to Shaida Tabatabai, Director of Finance at MADD Canada, about how Multiview has dramatically improved their financial efficiencies.