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Accounts Receivable Module

Comprehensive system for managing receivables, cash receipts, and customer credit

It’s the other side of the cash flow coin: if you want to get paid in a timely manner, and manage collections properly, accounts receivable is going to need an incredible amount of attention, regardless of your industry. And that’s even before making sure everything balances. 

Multiview’s ERP accounts receivable module is fully integrated into the system, allowing for control of all critical business functions surrounding cash and receivables.

  • Control customer credit, review collection problems, issue invoices and statements.

  • Record both miscellaneous cash payments as well as invoice-collected payments.

  • Review payments, outstanding receivables as well as customer credit in the fully integrated reporting module.

  • Entries post directly to the sub-ledger and the general ledger, allowing for visibility with drill-back functionality.

  • Document management is fully integrated into the accounts receivable, giving visibility on items such as customer contracts, emails, purchase orders, etc.

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