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Optimize Healthcare Supply Chain Management with Automated Requisitioning and Seamless Workflow

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Revolutionize supply chain management with real-time visibility and seamless automation

Optimize inventory control and streamline workflows with real-time visibility and seamless automation for efficient material management

Why work with us

  • Gain real-time visibility and seamless interaction between modules for accurate and up-to-the-minute data.
  • Effortlessly manage and track inventory, requests, and demands with automated requisitioning and perpetual inventory management.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Pyxis, Omnicell, and Par Excellence for automated inventory management and real-time tracking.
  • Streamline and expedite the approval process with automated workflow management.
  • Access extensive item history and purchase data with search capabilities that surpass competitors.
  • Reduced data entry for new products through seamless integration with EMR systems.

Step into effortless materials management with our solution, Experience real-time visibility, automated workflows, and advanced integration. Discover the benefits now!

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  • "Multiview is a very easy to use system with the ability to load as much detail as you need. The implementation process was the best I've participated in."

    Janet Carbary, Vice President of Finance at IRG Physical & Hand Therapy



  • “It’s more than just our accounting system. I use Multiview for 99% of my information and data analysis needs, and it’s 100% reliable.”

    Theresa Tabor, Controller, Mt. Ascutney Hospital


  • "Multiview ERP is user friendly, with the ability to drill down to multiple layers.
    Support is very responsive!"

    Michelle G, CFO

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Challenges We Help Resolve

Easy access to data 

Challenge: Many financial ERP systems restrict user access to data through limited search capabilities or rigid search criteria. This can create significant roadblocks for supply chain teams, hindering their ability to pull crucial reports or analyze inventory and purchasing data effectively. These limitations often lead to frustration and delays, as finance professionals struggle to extract the insights needed for informed decision-making.

Multiview Benefit: Multiview ERP offers unrestricted access to your data with our advanced search tools and customizable query capabilities. Our system empowers users to effortlessly navigate through vast datasets, ensuring that the information you need is always within reach. With the ability to save queries for future use and the flexibility of built-in pivot tables, summarizing and analyzing data is not just possible—it's simple and efficient. This means faster insights, better resource management, and a smoother operational workflow that aligns with your strategic goals.

Seamless integration to financials

Challenge: Stand-alone Materials Management Information Systems (MMIS) or disconnected supply chain financial software often operate in silos, leading to significant challenges in data reconciliation and transparency. When financial and inventory systems aren't seamlessly integrated, researching and drilling down into materials-related financial activity becomes a cumbersome and error-prone process. This lack of integration can result in delayed reporting, inaccuracies in financials, and a disjointed understanding of materials costs.

Multiview Benefit: With Multiview's ERP, the challenge of seamless integration becomes a thing of the past. Our supply chain and inventory functions are built directly into the core of Multiview ERP, providing real-time traceability and updates to your financials. This integration ensures that every transaction in your supply chain is immediately reflected in your financial reports, giving you the most accurate financial picture possible. With Multiview, you can say goodbye to the manual reconciliation of separate systems and welcome a unified platform that brings financial clarity and efficiency to your materials management.

Efficient Electronic AP/PO Matching

Challenge: Manually matching accounts payable and purchase orders is a significant drain on resources. Paper-based processes are slow and prone to errors, leading to inefficiencies and potential discrepancies that can disrupt the entire workflow.

Multiview Benefit: Multiview ERP's electronic AP/PO matching automates and simplifies the entire process. Our system seamlessly links purchasing and accounts payable, enhancing workflow efficiency and reducing errors. With the capability to attach and manage documents electronically, you gain immediate access to all necessary data, ensuring a quick, accurate, and paperless matching process.

Our Modules

Reporting and Dashboards


Transform decision-making with Multiview's Reporting. Explore real-time data, comprehensive item usage and budget insights, and fuel strategic moves with confidence.


Workflow Approvals and Automation

Achieve unparalleled efficiency in operations with Multiview, featuring automated approvals, real-time alerts, and seamless integration with EDI & third-party inventory management systems.


Requisitioning Process

Elevate your inventory management with Multiview ERP by ensuring visibility throughout the requisition process, merging stock types seamlessly, and reordering effortlessly with templates.

Accounts Receivable


Maximize procurement efficiency in Multiview ERP with easy PO automation, flexible purchasing strategies, and clear budget tracking for strategic buying. 


Inventory Management & Item Master

Optimize inventory operations with Multiview ERP, featuring real-time stock transfers, and a universal item master for cross-entity consistency. Simplify reordering with supplier cross-references, maintain current pricing with date ranges, and enrich item records with unlimited imaging.



Optimize financial accuracy with Multiview’s robust Accounting module. Comprehensive tools support seamless audits and inventory control. Multi-entity reporting simplifies your financial statements.

Inventory Management


Unlock peak efficiency with Multiview Barcoding—flawless inventory control at your fingertips. Seamless stock management for dynamic, on-the-go operations, ensuring accuracy and speed.

Multiview by the Numbers


34 Years

Over 3 Decades Strong Enduring Success 


- 50%

Cut Month-End Close Time in Half 1

Time is Money

30 Minutes

Swift Data Retrieval and <30 Min Analysis 2



Serving many clients in over 20 industries

1. Based on results from our 2022-2023 End Month End Assessment Program. Visit our End Month End page for more details.

2. MADD Canada had their data retrieval process reduced significantly. Read the Case Study here.

Automated Requisitioning, Purchasing and Supplies Management

Multiview ERP revolutionizes healthcare procurement with Automated Requisitioning, Purchasing, and Supplies Management. Automating these critical processes significantly reduces manual errors, streamlines operations, and ensures timely supply availability. Multiview’s solution enhances decision-making with real-time analytics, optimizing inventory levels and reducing costs. Embrace efficiency and focus on patient care with Multiview ERP.

Doctors checking medicine stock.
Hospital worker checking inventory stock

Easy Approval Process Through Workflow Setup

With Multiview ERP, streamline your healthcare finance operations with an easy approval process. Automated workflows, real-time alerts, and EDI integration ensure rapid, accurate decision-making. Experience unmatched efficiency in managing your financial operations.

Precision Inventory Control with Multiview ERP Barcoding

Eliminate manual inventory errors in healthcare with Multiview ERP's advanced barcoding. Accurately track supplies, reduce waste, and improve patient care delivery. Multiview turns inventory chaos into clarity, ensuring the right resources are always at hand.

A 3d render showing inventory items with barcodes.

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