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Budgeting and Forecasting Software Module

Create budget approval workflows and compare budget to actual results.

Budgeting can be a moving target, and forecasts are rarely 100% accurate. However, going back to revise all the numbers can be a painstaking process. Finance teams either create workarounds or in a worst-case scenario, start over.  

The budgeting and forecasting software module is fully integrated into Multiview. It facilitates multi-year budgeting for capital projects as well as planning for short-term and long-term goals. The ability to forecast various multiple scenarios as well as budget allocations creates a single point of truth. With our budget and forecasting software module, you can even automatically decline purchases that blow up your budget.  

If budgets need to be revised, changes can be done in real time, with all approval requests automatically sent to the appropriate teams.

  • Workflow approvals are built into the budgeting process.

  • Multiple departments have the ability to contribute to the budgeting and forecasting tool.

  • Assumptions by percent, statistic, fixed dollar amount, etc., and allocations by department or organization can be built into the budget workbooks.

  • Human resource workbooks can be budgeted by employee, department, hourly wage, salary, benefits, etc.

  • The budget module workbooks are secured and access is granted for visibility and/or read/write privileges.

  • The planning, budgeting and forecasting software module integrates directly into the reporting module, allowing for visibility of budget-to-actual, along with drill-back functionality to the budget workbooks based upon security.

  • “The budgeting and reports features are two of my favorite tools. Every month, we can run a comparison that’s integrated into our report feature. This monthly comparison report is already set up for us in Multiview. So it’s just a simple report refresh.”

    Jillian Green, Director of Accounting, Arnold Ventures

  • “We introduced Multiview’s budgeting product last year and it was great. This year, with additional data, staff are excited about being able to see the underlying transactions that influence their budget assumptions. They can make scratchpad notes and see their budgets change dynamically.”

    Theresa Tabor, Controller, Mt. Ascutney Hospital

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