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Complete control over payments and expense management strategies

As the expenses pile up, so do the manual ad hoc systems for keeping track of everything. There can be multiple signoffs required, changes to terms, and unauthorized purchases. And if there are discrepancies or data entry errors, trying to track down invoices can be an adventure of its own.  

Multiview’s accounts payable module gives you complete control over overpayments and payment strategies. Automate the payment of regular expenses or create a custom workflow to ensure the proper approvals are done quickly and correctly. All transactions, even paper invoices, are accounted for and fully integrated with every other section of Multiview.

  • The accounts payable module is fully integrated.

  • Users can control cash and vendor payments with electronic workflow approvals and imaging.

  • Multiview handles multiple entities with vendors shared across entities or secured to specific entities.

  • Intercompany transactions are self-balancing with due to/due from automatically generated.

  • 1099 processing is fully integrated into Multiview, as is the ability to create an electronic file for transmission.

  • “My accounts payable team was the first team to use the tool. It made their jobs easier as they were able to scan invoices instead of manually inputting them. Records are now kept electronically, so we no longer need file cabinets with tens of thousands of sheets of paper accumulating each year.”

    Jerry Klinker, Director of Strategic Projects, Ohio Valley Gas

  • “With Multiview we have been able to cut our accounts payable time from almost 

    40 hours a week to around 5 to 6 hours a week. It has been a great time saver for us and we are so grateful for all of the work Multiview has put in to automate things.”

    John H. Everett, CFO, Cogdell Memorial Hospital

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