Fixed Assets Management Module

Exercise tight financial controls, minimize tax liabilities, and maintain flexibility

Fixed assets management should be more than just building out depreciating schedules. However, tracking and measuring how fixed assets are used across multiple departments is a huge drain on resources.  

Multiview ERP's fixed asset management solution lets you discover what it truly means to manage your assets. Understand where your equipment is located and what condition it’s in. Tag assets, add photos, and calculate depreciation monthly all the way down to a single desk or chair. Multiview offers a comprehensive system for measuring and managing productive assets, both tangible and intangible. Exercise tight financial controls, minimize tax liabilities, and maintain flexibility.

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  • Streamline Asset Lifecycle Management:
    This feature enables businesses to manage the entire lifecycle of their assets efficiently.

    Users can enter asset information throughout the acquisition process, including the date and price of the transaction, the supplier, and any other pertinent data. The module enables tracking the asset's location, usage, and condition during the operating phase.

    To guarantee proper upkeep, maintenance schedules and histories can also be kept. When the asset is no longer needed, or during the disposition phase, the system simplifies operations like asset disposal, sale, or transfer.

    Optimize your asset management process with Multiview ERP's streamlined lifecycle management feature. Track and preserve your priceless assets easily from purchase to disposal to ensure their optimal utilization and cost-effectiveness.
  • Integration with Accounts Payable Module:
    By allowing entry from the accounts payable module, Multiview ERP ensures a smooth and accurate flow of information. Related transactions can be directly input from the accounts payable system into the Fixed Assets Management Module when assets are acquired. The asset tracking and reporting process is more effective thanks to this integration, which gets rid of redundant data entry and reduces the possibility of mistakes.

    By integrating your accounts payable module with our Fixed Assets Management, you can enjoy smooth data flow and get rid of the headaches associated with manual entry. Simplify asset acquisition entries and maintain accurate financial records effortlessly.
  • Automated General Ledger Entries and Depreciation Calculation:
    The module creates general ledger entries for asset transfers and depreciation automatically. The relevant accounting entries are prepared and reported to the general ledger in real-time as assets are purchased, depreciated, or disposed of. This not only saves time but also ensures that the financial records are always up-to-date and accurate.

    Say goodbye to manual bookkeeping! Ensure real-time financial accuracy and save time on tedious accounting procedures with Multiview ERP's automatic general ledger entries and depreciation calculations.
  • Ad Hoc Reporting with Various Groupings:
    Multiview ERP's Fixed Assets Management Module provides ad hoc reporting capabilities, allowing users to generate custom reports based on specific criteria. The module provides many choices for grouping and sorting data, including asset category (main classes), location, acquisition date, and other relevant parameters. This adaptability enables users to examine asset data from many perspectives and get insightful knowledge about the effectiveness, utilization, and total financial impact of assets.

    Users can produce reports to identify assets in a given region or department, for instance, or to determine how much depreciation has been recorded for assets in a certain category. Making educated decisions about asset management, tax planning, and budgeting is made easier with the help of these ad hoc reports.

    Make decisions based on data with ease! Ad hoc reporting is a feature of our Fixed Assets Management that enables you to create reports that are specifically tailored to your needs. Gain valuable insights into asset performance, location-based analysis, and more, to optimize financial controls and asset planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Fixed Assets Management Module?

A Fixed Assets Management Module is a crucial component of an ERP system like Multiview. It enables companies to effectively track and manage both physical and intangible assets over the course of their lives. This module automates general ledger entries, facilitates depreciation computations, and streamlines asset activities from acquisition through disposal. Users have the option to tag materials, upload photographs, and create custom reports based on different categories. The module ensures that organizations easily acquire insights into asset utilization, reduce tax payments, and maintain compliance by centralizing asset information and offering financial control.

What Are Fixed Assets Management Module Benefits?

The Fixed Assets Management Module in Multiview ERP offers numerous benefits. It enables companies to maximize asset management, which leads to higher cost-effectiveness, financial control, and decision-making. Users can easily record asset purchases thanks to the connection with the accounts payable module. Automated general ledger entries and depreciation computations ensure precise financial records while saving time. Ad hoc reporting provides for location-based analysis and personalized insights into asset performance, which improves operational effectiveness and fully utilizes available assets.

What Challenges Does Fixed Assets Management Module Solve?

The Fixed Assets Management Module addresses various challenges faced by businesses. It does away with labor-intensive manual asset tracking and ensures that all pertinent information is reliably recorded and kept up to date in a centralised system. Data errors and duplicate entries are reduced by accounts payable integration. Automated depreciation calculations and general ledger entries reduce the possibility of human error and advance real-time financial accuracy. Ad hoc reporting enables customers to make data-driven decisions, maximise asset utilisation, and get insightful knowledge. Overall, the module simplifies asset management, reduces tax obligations, and makes it possible for companies to implement more stringent financial controls.

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