Multiview Barcoding App

Designed to facilitate day to day Materials Management Operations

The Multiview barcode app provides workers in warehouses or other supply areas with a direct connection to
Multiview on a device they can easily hold in one hand. Rather than carrying papers, they use their device to scan items they are requesting, receiving, moving or counting, and can use the display screen to confirm or add quantities and other pertinent information.

Best of all, the transactions are immediately recorded in Multiview so materials managers have confidence in the data they are using when planning their inventory levels.


The Problem

Because many materials transactions take place at a physical distance from a computer screen, materials management organizations often rely on paper to record them initially, with official records updated some time later. This can cause inaccuracies in inventory records because:

1) recording of the transactions is delayed, and

2) manual entry and multiple recordings of the same data leads to increased opportunity for error.

This, in turn, leads to inefficiencies in ordering and/or stockouts.

The Multiview Solution

The barcoding app seeks to improve efficiency and reduce errors, bringing the Multiview application where the action is.

Download the data sheet to learn more: