Healthcare ERP for Clinics, Hospitals and Health Systems

ERP Technology Built With a Focus on Healthcare

Today’s healthcare organizations face challenges that extend well beyond delivering excellent patient care. Increasingly stringent regulatory requirements regarding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and electronic record-keeping call for a robust healthcare enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that does much more than provide accounting functionality and access to financial data.

Leveraging clinical data from your medical record systems, Multiview's healthcare enterprise software provides a seamless, real-time, accurate view of your organization’s health, growth, and needs. Our healthcare accounting software offers an intuitive, user-friendly solution that will serve as a single source of truth across your entire facility.

Supporting 275+ Health Systems in 50 States With Over 4,000 Beds and Counting

ERP Benefits for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations face challenges of streamlining processes and reducing operational costs without compromising their levels of patient care. Healthcare ERP software from Multiview can help providers accomplish these goals by increasing accuracy and efficiency in your financial department. With a decreased need for manual tasks, organizations can save on overhead costs while still delivering quality care. 

ERP increases productivity and efficiency by providing quick access to a wide range of information, allowing your organization to reduce its operational costs. Multiview's software provides an extra layer of protection to the medical records of your patients, as well. Some of the benefits of using our ERP software for the healthcare industry include:

  • Quicker access to financial data: In addition to eliminating paper files, our ERP software provides easier access to financial details relevant to the end user.
  • Staff collaboration: Staff members can share the most current data. 

  • Improved data confidentiality: A secure ERP will protect your health system's privacy. 

  • Operational cost visibility: Besides enhancing record-keeping, ERP allows an organization to monitor budgetary functions, purchasing, cash flow and overall operating performance. 

  • Industry compliance: Multiview's ERP is adaptable to meet all necessary industry requirements, including HIPAA.
  • Reduced organizational costs: By consolidating operations like billing, purchasing and inventory control into one automated system, you can combine or eliminate the job duties of some employees.
  • Process integration: Financial data aggregated from multiple disparate systems allows for a comparison view of the entire health system.
  • Real-time updates: Records update in real time to improve precision and avoid conflicting information. Staff members can access the most current data.

The Future
of Healthcare

And of Data-Driven Healthcare
Finance Teams

We think the future will be much different

We believe healthcare finance teams will move beyond providing balance sheets, income statements and cash flow projections. They will become the stewards of data across an organization. As healthcare continues to adapt to technological, environmental, social and governance shifts across the globe, facilities will need to understand how this impacts their day-today and how to measure it.

This measurement will come in the form of having real-time and immediate financial data. And this will create an evolution that will help healthcare finance teams get out of the back seat and into the front seat when it comes to steering the strategic direction of a healthcare organization.

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Hospital CFO Interviews: Transforming Finance Teams With Multiview's Healthcare Accounting Software

How can our healthcare industry ERP add value to your hospital, healthcare facility or health system? We encourage you to explore the following case studies to learn more about how our health system accounting software helped other healthcare clients improve their accounting processes and other business functions. Read the interviews with organizational leaders that provide real-world insight into how our health system ERP software can serve as a reliable problem-solving tool.

Monroe Logo

Monroe County Hospital and Clinics is a Critical Access Hospital in Albia Iowa, which has been operating since 1951.

Mobridge Logo

Mobridge Regional Hospital and Clinics is a Critical Access Hospital with three rural health clinics located in Mobridge, South Dakota.

Skyline Health Logo

Skyline Health is a 25 bed critical access hospital in White Salmon, Washington.

Multiview ERP’s Clinical Integration

Connecting your care providers to your finance team with real, actionable, and trusted data.

The Multiview healthcare ERP provides seamless integration of various financial areas that impact your organization. Use it for essential planning activities such as budgeting and forecasting, improving workflows, managing documents and reconciling patient accounts. With our health system accounting software, you’ll also gain valuable business insights that enable you to make more informed decisions.


Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Visibility of budget processing status – real time inquiry screens.
  • Fully integrated – no redundant structure required.
  • Audited change management.
  • Full drill back functionality from the reporting tool to the budget workbook details

EMR360 Patient Level Revenue

  • Drill back to source interface data – no need to log into your EMR.
  • Use Multiview reporting tools on operational interfaced data.

Business Intelligence

  • Integrated reporting, dashboards, pivots and graphs.
  • Department leadership report access.
  • Ease of analyzing – drill back to the source functionality for easy reconciliation and analysis.
  • Fully integrated consolidation reporting.


  • Multiview & EMR data auto-reconciled daily.
  • Exceptions identified with push alerts to accounting.

Multi-Sourced Data Capture

  • Collect both financial and statistical information from all of your revenue source systems..
  • Multiview has the power to aggregate and normalizes all of the sources data to make them actionable information.

EFT, ACH, Positive Pay

  • Paperless processing.
  • Assists with Fraud protection.
  • Decrease overhead expenses (management of discounts).

Alerts and Follow Ups

  • Ease of follow up items i.e. cash balances, vouchers on hold.
  • Daily push alerts for reconciliation exceptions
  • No manual lists to maintain.


  • Electronic approvals with attached documents (GL, AP, PO, etc.).
  • Dramatically reduce reconciliation time pre-approved transactions.
  • Push-button accruals – all invoices accounted for even prior to approval.
  • Monitoring of all authorizations and review processes.
  • Reduced audit preparation – no paper invoices to pull from filing cabinets.
  • Realized discount advantages with faster vendor payments.

Electronic Bank Reconciliations

  • Reduction at month-end for bank reconciliations – daily automated check clearing.
  • Effective cash management.
  • Accurate bank account management.

Connect With Our Healthcare Team Today

Our team can give you a specific hospital, clinic or health system view into our healthcare ERP solution. Unlike many of our competitors, we bring an abundance of industry-specific expertise to the software development and implementation process. We are former Hospital CFO’s, Business Office Directors, and Revenue Cycle staff that have lived your reality. Our experience enables us to take a consultative approach to offer best practices, guidance and a customized healthcare finance software solution that delivers the best results for every client.

Multiview envisions a future in healthcare where organizational finance teams will evolve beyond providing income statements, balance sheets and cash flow projections. These teams will become the managers of data across an entire organization. As healthcare adapts to environmental, technological, social and governance transformations globally, facilities need to understand how these changes affect their operations. 

Our Multiview Cloud ERP software can help overcome those challenges. Investing in better financial systems and data can lead to improved decision-making within a facility. We genuinely believe this results in better patient outcomes. 

Other Reasons to Choose Multiview for Your Healthcare Enterprise Software

At Multiview, we understand that a healthcare accounting software implementation can be a challenging time for any organization. We provide comprehensive training that goes well beyond training the trainer. Your users get individualized, hands-on instruction that applies to their specific job function and healthcare setting. We also make video recordings of the sessions for future reference.

We believe in providing ongoing healthcare ERP support for every client. We don’t have tier-support plans with frequency caps — instead, we offer unlimited access to our service representatives. You’ll get a same-day response to your questions or inquiries.

Request A Healthcare ERP Product Demo

Are you still unsure whether our healthcare accounting software is a good fit for your organization? You can take it for a risk-free test drive and get a hands-on user experience by contacting us today to request a healthcare ERP demo. One of our Multiview team members will be in contact shortly to schedule your demo and help you discover the benefits of Multiview’s healthcare ERP. We know you’ll be impressed by all the benefits our hospital ERP can add to your healthcare organization.