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Healthcare ERP Graphic

Optimize Healthcare Financial Management

Discover Multiview Healthcare Finance software for Unmatched Financial Clarity and Control

Why work with us

  • Advanced EHR integration capabilities to automate accounting entries and streamline analysis.
  • Unlock the full potential of your healthcare organization with increased efficiency in financial data management.
  • Multiview ERP is adaptable to meet all necessary industry requirements including HIPAA compliance.
  • Gain visibility across multiple locations, eliminating delays.
  • Accelerate decision-making with streamlined data integration and processes.
  • Ensure comprehensive accurate reporting for informed future planning.
  • Reduce manual input, errors, and time constraints through automation, enhancing multi-entity financial management.
  • Free up accounting departments to focus on strategy, outreach and innovation.

Don't let outdated financial systems hold you back. Upgrade to Multiview ERP and unlock your full potential today.

See What Our Clients Say

  • "Multiview is a very easy to use system with the ability to load as much detail as you need. The implementation process was the best I've participated in."

    Janet Carbary, Vice President of Finance at IRG Physical & Hand Therapy



  • “It’s more than just our accounting system. I use Multiview for 99% of my information and data analysis needs, and it’s 100% reliable.”

    Theresa Tabor, Controller, Mt. Ascutney Hospital


  • "Multiview ERP is user friendly, with the ability to drill down to multiple layers.
    Support is very responsive!"

    Michelle G, CFO

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Supporting 275+ Hospital and Health Systems
across North America

Multiview by the Numbers


34 Years

Over 3 Decades Strong Enduring Success 


- 50%

Cut Month-End Close Time in Half 1

Time is Money

30 Minutes

Swift Data Retrieval and <30 Min Analysis 2



Serving many clients in over 20 industries

1. Based on results from our 2022-2023 End Month End Assessment Program. Visit our End Month End page for more details.

2. MADD Canada had their data retrieval process reduced significantly. Read the Case Study here.

Pain Points We Help Resolve

EMR Integration 

Say goodbye to limited Seamlessly integrate revenue data from your EMR into our "EMR360" Data Warehouse, offering robust reporting tools. Drill into the data within the GL system and utilize it within our Business Intelligence reporting environment.

Inefficient Approval Workflows

Tired of paper-based or email approval processes? Multiview ERP centralizes AP invoice approval, providing instant access to invoices and audit trails within the system.

Statistics Generation

Manual statistic gathering is a thing of the past. Multiview ERP leverages EHR data to auto-generate statistics, slashing monthly stats generation time from +4 hours to less than 5 minutes.

Barcoding Scanning for Materials Management

Embrace mobility with Multiview's hand-held barcode scanning application for Materials Management. Experience seamless transactions and immense efficiency gains on the go.

Our Features Include

Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Visibility of budget processing status- real time inquiry screens.
  • Fully integrated-no redundant structure required. 
  • Audited change management. 
  • Full drill back functionality from reporting tool to the budget workbook details.

EMR360 Patient Level Revenue

  • Drill back to source interface data- no need to log into your EMR
  • Use Multiview reporting tools on operational interfaced data.
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

  • Integrated reporting, dashboards, pivots and graphs.
  • Department leadership report access.
  • Ease of analyzing- drill back to the source functionality for easy reconciliation and analysis
  • Fully integrated consolidation reporting.
Auto Reconciliation

Auto Reconciliation

  • Multiview & EMR data auto- reconciled daily.
  • Exceptions identified with push alerts to accounting.

Multi-Sourced Data Capture

  • Collect both financial and statistical information from all your revenue source system.
  • Multiview has the power to aggregate and normalize all data sources to make them actionable.

EFT, ACH, Positive Pay

  • Paperless processing
  • Assists with fraud protection
  • Decrease overhead expenses (management of discounts)

Alerts and Follow Ups

  • Ease of follow up items i.e. cash balances, vouchers on hold.
  • Daily push alerts for reconciliation exceptions.
  • No manual lists to maintain.


  • Electronic approvals with attached documents (GL, AP, PO, etc.).
  • Dramatically reduce reconciliation time pre-approved transactions.
  • Push-button accruals – all invoices accounted for even prior to approval.
  • Monitoring of all authorizations and review processes.
  • Reduced audit preparation – no paper invoices to pull from filing cabinets.
  • Realized discount advantages with faster vendor payments.
Bank Reconciliations

Electronic Bank Reconciliations

  • Reduction at month-end for bank reconciliations – daily automated check clearing.
  • Effective cash management.
  • Accurate bank account management.

Complete Financial Ecosystem for Healthcare Providers

At Multiview, we understand the complexity and the high stakes of financial management in the healthcare industry. With patient care at the forefront, it's vital that your financial operations support and enhance your ability to deliver exceptional service. That's why we designed Multiview ERP – a robust, intuitive financial system tailored for the unique needs of the healthcare sector.

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Robust Financial Reporting for Informed Decisions

Multiview ERP brings clarity to your financial data, enabling you to make informed decisions with real-time insights. Our comprehensive reporting tools allow you to track, analyze, and report on every aspect of your financial operations, from patient billing to inventory management, all in one centralized platform.

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Multiview Financial Software
Multiview Financial Software

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We're not just a software provider; we're your partner in success. Our team of in-house experts are dedicated to providing ongoing support and training to ensure you get the most out of Multiview ERP. From implementation to daily operations, we're here to help your healthcare organization thrive.

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