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Drill-down directly from the dashboards and financial statements.

Reporting can be a double-edged sword. Reports provide detailed data for deeper insights, but they can be very specialized, involving lots of steps. It’s not uncommon to spend entire days wrangling spreadsheets and pivot tables to create dozens of custom reports.  

Board members may want top-line revenue, EBITDA, and results, whereas a department manager may only care about cost centers. With Multiview, everything lives in one system. Our dynamic reporting structure gives you an unparalleled level of customization, detail, and accessibility.  

The Business Intelligence module also generates consolidated statements with ease, transforming any audit process from arduous to effortless. And the best part: there’s no need to involve your IT department or have a third party build a custom report—Multiview gives you all the tools to do everything in house, at no additional cost.

  • Easy-to-use, fast, powerful reporting without IT.

  • Graphical visualization.

  • Accurate info in real-time.

  • On-demand executive dashboards.

“Multiview enables us to accurately track all aspects of the financial systems at the hospital. The interface with ViewSource360 is very beneficial for analyzing a variety of aspects of revenue. And I can trust that it ties to our general ledger.”

Larry Brown, CFO, Monroe County Hospital

Multiview ERP

Multiview Financial ERP is built to deliver real-time, actionable data to finance departments.

Available as a fully-managed Cloud application, leverage your financial data more effectively and drive your business forward with better, faster insights.

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