Multiview ERP Client: Newport Restaurant Group

Calculating financials used to be a struggle for Newport Restaurant Group. Producing reliable numbers took hours of effort and countless spreadsheet tabs.

Now, thanks to Multiview, Sherrill Atasay and her team aren’t just accounting. They’re putting numbers to work for them.

Newport Restaurant Group


Amount of time it takes to get up-to-date, reliable financial numbers with Multiview.


Number of queries to get a complete financial picture across 16 different business units.


Filing cabinets Newport Restaurant Group has eliminated going paperless with Multiview.

Multiple Business Units: Save time, money and paper

Multiview has allowed the company, and its 16 different business units, to quickly check up on the organization’s financial health and understand what’s impacting it.

Expense reports, journal entries and invoices¬ can all be quickly and easily entered. That’s saved the company time that can now be put to use where it belongs – making better business decisions.

Multiview Financials & Newport Restaurant Group

Multiview Financials gives Newport Restaurant Group fast and comprehensive insight into their multiple business units; driving better business decisions.

“What I liked most about Multiview was that it is one platform. You basically separate data by company and business unit and you can get all of that data out and one reporter query. So analyzing data is much simpler with Multiview”

Sherrill Atasay Controller,
Newport Restaurant Group