Multiview ERP Client: Skyline Health

Before Multiview they experienced issues very frequently; the identification and reconciliation of these issues took months – for each issue. They were paying large sums of money for support yet did not receive any. This is when they knew they needed a change, they needed Multiview.

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Skyline Health: A Multiview Journey

For Brenda Schneider, monthly support costs have decreased, information is more readily available and easy to analyze and implementation went very smoothly when she decided to make the switch to Multiview. Brenda has been the CFO of Skyline Health (a 25 bed critical access hospital in White Salmon, Washington) for 22 years and has over 28 years of professional accounting and finance experience. Brenda and her team could not be happier they decided to make the switch to Multiview Financials and here’s why.

Before Multiview they experienced issues very frequently; the identification and reconciliation of these issues took monthsfor each issue. They were paying large sums of money for support yet did not receive any. This is when they knew they needed a change, they needed Multiview.

Multiview allows information to be pulled and analyzed very easily and research now takes a fraction of the time for Brenda and her team. It has also made accomplishing research, account reconciliation and year-end MUCH easier than the previous systems they were using.

The decision process for Skyline Health was influenced by the lower price and great recommendations from other facilities similar to theirs. They were looking for better ways to investigate, research and have support as they were lacking this with their previous ERP provider.

About Skyline Health

Location: White Salmon, Washington

Industry: Healthcare


“Monthly support costs have decreased substantially. The initial cost of the product (Multiview) was less, and employee time ‘wasted’ researching ambiguous problems is now non-existent.”


Brenda Schneider
CFO of Skyline Hospital

Implementation was a breeze, with Multiview being able to handle any bumps in the road effectively and efficiently. The implementation staff had strong knowledge of both the product and the accounting needs of the hospital. Brenda’s team did not have a lot of experience in this, yet they cannot say enough about how easy the Multiview system was to learn, how it did not take very long to understand and is very user friendly.  

When trying to complete month-end and reporting before implementing Multiview “…there were several of us doing different pieces, it was very complicated and reconciliation was next to impossible” Brenda explains. Now with Multiview, very minimal time is spent on closing month-ends and more time is delegated to other tasks.  

The team at Skyline says that their favorite part about Multiview is inquiry and reporting, Brenda explains how “…it’s so easy to dig into the system and piece things together”. The feature that the hospital uses most frequently is inquiry and being able to scan documents right in the system, which is a huge time saver for their company. One of the things the Skyline appreciated most about Multiview is the customer service, Brenda described them as very knowledgeable and conscientious, they have made this entire experience very positive.  

Skyline Health is just one of the many healthcare facilities Multiview is working hand-in-hand with to improve their ERP systems. We are proud to be making a difference for Brenda and her team and assisting them to stop chasing numbers and start using them.  

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