Multiview ERP Client: The Heinz Endowments

The Heinz Endowments gains timely, insightful financial data and drives their portfolios to new heights with Multiview Financials.



The foundation’s work is grounded in the legacy established by the two endowments from which it was formed. Founded more than four decades apart, the Howard Heinz Endowment and the Vira I. Heinz Endowment were each the product of a family commitment to community that began with H. J. Heinz and continues to this day.

Business Operations

Revenue is the Income from the Endowment and Products are Grants to the Community

EST. 1941


TODAY, 2019



$80M Annually

“The last two years we have been able to produce our own set of GAAP FS without any reliance on any third party data. So we even changed how auditors do their jobs.

Michele Sullenger

Michele Sullenger, Controller/Director, The Heinz Endowments

The Heinz Endowments and Multiview Financial 2021 Case Study

Discover how The Heinz Endowments leveraged Multiview Financials to gain timely, insightful financial data, develop incredible cost-savings while simultaneously driving their portfolios to new heights.