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When LCC learned that their existing software was discontinuing its student billing module, they turned to the Canadian Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) for guidance. Trinity College School, another member organization, spearheaded the search for a new software package. LCC sought a solution that would address CAIS’s needs effectively, and after a meticulous year-long search, LCC selected Multiview as their preferred ERP solution.

In their search, LCC evaluated other software products such as COBA and Plurilogic. However, Multiview stood out due to its willingness to collaborate with member schools, creating an accounts receivable/billing module tailored to their specifications. LCC was impressed with Multiview’s competitive pricing, seamless implementation process, extensive product features, and potential for future enhancements. Furthermore, Multiview seamlessly integrated with LCC’s student database, Veracross, a critical requirement for working with the organization.

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