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KLAS Technology Spotlight Report gives Multiview a Top Mark for ERPs and Client Satisfaction

KLAS Technology Spotlight Report gives Multiview a Top Mark for ERPs and Client Satisfaction

Ottawa, Ontario -- July 21, 2022 – In a recently released report from KLAS Research, Multiview - a leader in health care technology and accounting automation – scored higher than all other ERPs in the category, and more than 90% of clients report they would buy the solution again.

It’s an honor for all of us at Multiview to be a highly rated ERP by KLAS.” says Multiview CEO Michael Johnson. “Our team, many of whom are former Hospital & Health System CFO’s and Controllers, have worked for many years alongside our clients and partners to bring solutions tailored to the needs of the business office, which are too often forgotten. We are committed to continuing to work alongside our clients and partners to bring innovative solutions that help organizations run more efficiently.

This technology spotlight report is the final result of dozens of Multiview client interviews that KLAS Research conducted over the spring of 2022.

In our research we have found that Multiview provides a great ERP solution to an often-underserved market in smaller and rural healthcare organizations,” says Niel Oscarson, Research Director at KLAS. “The solution is designed to convert organizations to paperless environments for the financial and materials management processes, and clients attest to the ease of use and ease of adding cost centers or changing reporting features.

Multiview was also praised and scored highly in the report for its implementation process and client support. An interviewed CFO client stated, “Multiview's implementation team was among the best. I would give them a top score. I have never seen a better implementation team. “

Other notable anonymous quotes collected from clients include:

  • I would highly recommend Multiview ERP. It is very user friendly, and it allows the accounting and finance people to analyze and study data fairly easily without doing hours of work outside the system.
  • We love Multiview ERP. Not many people can say that about their accounting system. Multiview ERP just feels so customizable. We can grow, so I don't feel like I am ever going to need a new accounting system. Multiview ERP is a one-time purchase.
  • We had a great implementation. They had a defined schedule of dates, events, and items that they would be doing or that we should be doing to finalize everything. The implementation was really nice, well planned out, and easy to follow. We knew what was expected of us, and we knew what to expect of the vendor.
  • If a peer were considering Multiview ERP, I would tell them about the ability to have everything right at our fingertips with Multiview ERP. All of our scanning is in the system. If I can look up a GL entry, I can find it, what department it is hitting, and the cost account center, and then I can jump right over to the invoice copy that is scanned into the system. Everything is right there. That is a huge benefit for those of us who used to have to get up and go find things in a drawer or filing system. Even with electronic filing, we would have to look through folders and whatnot. With Multiview ERP, we hardly ever have to leave the solution.

KLAS clients can access the report here.

Download the full report via the Multiview website here.


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