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Ontario Partners in Health Selects Multiview Financials’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

Ontario Partners in Health Selects Multiview Financials

November 30, 2021 – Ontario Partners in Health (OPiH) has selected Multiview Financial, a leader in healthcare technology and financial automation, as its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution provider. OPiH will move to Multiview Financial’s user-friendly, data-driven healthcare focused ERP solution to deliver effortless intercompany, multicurrency and multilevel reporting across their entire organization.

We selected Multiview Financials’ ERP as they offered the best solution for the needs of a large and modern inter-disciplinary practice that is approved as both a Family Health Organization (FHO) and a Family Health Team,” says Nina Reznikova, Director of Finance. “We also appreciate that they are a Canadian company with a focus on healthcare.”

Multiview Financials’ ERP platform will be deployed through a cloud-based model that is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of community healthcare organizations. Through the healthcare-focused ERP, OPiH will be able to leverage clinical data from their EMR within the ERP to provide a real-time, accurate view of the organization’s health and needs.

We’re especially excited about the ability to drill down from financial statements to our EMR supporting data with a single click,” continues Reznikova. “It’s more than just an accounting system, and we’ll be using Multiview for the majority of our information and data analysis needs.”

In healthcare reform, especially across Ontario, the Quadruple Aim is a common objective, which focuses on the patient experience, lowering costs, care team well-being and improving health of the population.  “Our solution is a change agent and our technology helps healthcare organizations across North America achieve the Quadruple Aim,” says Jeremy Dennis, Business Development Executive at Multiview Financial.

We look forward to helping the entire team at OPiH achieve continued success through the implementation of our ERP solution. At Multiview Financial, we believe that organizations equipped with more accurate and timely information are empowered to make more effective decisions,” says Michael Johnson, CEO, Multiview Financial. “In the healthcare industry, more effective decisions can lead to improved patient care and lower costs.”

About Ontario Partners in Health

Since its inception in 1989, OPiH has provided institutional clients in the post-secondary context with turn-key health services management tailored to the needs of their student clients.  Beginning in 2014, OPiH expanded the breadth and scope of services offered to primary care physician groups, long-term care homes and other organization to evolve  into a premier primary health care services delivery organization.  This expansion has provided OPiH with many opportunities to hone skills and develop experience and resources in the areas of clinical services management, clinical placement management, human resources management, project management, facilities management, information management, marketing and communications, government relations, and service excellence.

About Multiview Financial

Multiview Financial provides powerful, easy-to-use financial applications to enterprises of any size for accounting and financial planning. For over 30 years, Multiview Financial has driven successful client outcomes with a scalable ERP solution by partnering with clients to break down data silos, automate accounting processes and provide more access to information through industry leading dynamic reporting solutions.  Clients vary in size from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and operate across more than 40 industries.

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