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Employee Spotlight: A Day in the Life of our Director of Information Technology

Employee Spotlight: A Day in the Life of our Director of Information Technology

Sinan SerifovWelcome back to our Employee Spotlight series. Here at Multiview, we feel very fortunate to be surrounded by such amazing colleagues, each possessing a diversity of skills and expertise. We want to highlight them.

In 2020, our 30th year as a software company, you will be learning about our Multiview Team, from Support, Implementation, Development, QA, Sales and lots more.

 We see ourselves not as a technology company, but as a people company.

The sixth of our Employee Spotlight series focuses on our own Sinan Serifov, Director of Information Technology.

Meet Sinan Serifov, Director of Information Technology at Multiview

What is your role at Multiview?

As the director of IT for Multiview, I oversee security and technology services used across Multiview. Additionally, I am also responsible for the security and infrastructure with Multiview Cloud, our SaaS offering.

What is a typical day in your role?

The only typical day was yesterday, sorry bad pun. Most days are quite dynamic; however, a few constants would be continually moving between the here and now and the flag 6 and 12 months out. Most days start off looking through reports and any alerts from the previous evening, setting follow-ups and next steps, morning and afternoon scrum with either the team and or leads to gather input and any feedback. I engage with end customers, security and audit teams, internal stakeholders, and vendors relative to ongoing activities.

What skills do you leverage in your job?

I have a strong desire to find improvements, continually asking questions, and understanding how we can better make use of technology that is available to us—balancing the here and now with what and where we will be in the months and years to come.

Voice of the customer, being on the technology side, technology solutions great or small are about understanding the need and finding a solution that fits – one size does not fit all unless you’re talking about coffee, in which case more is better.

Enablement, recognizing that we are all working towards collective and or shared outcomes requires being a driver; however, it’s more so about being a passenger; living through the experiences of what others bring to the table and building upon those experiences strengthens us as a whole.

What do you love most about your job?

  • The multidimensional guardrails that I continue to move between, it’s fascinating to be able to engage on so many different levels.
  • Technology forward – the five core values of Multiview ensure that we consider not only each other and our clients but also the technology we use in delivering an exceptional experience to our customers and within Multiview.
  • Autonomy, we count on technology to work for us throughout our day, being able to understand the specific needs means I look more so at how I can adapt technology to work for us more so than changing behaviors to adapt to the technology.

What’s your favorite Multiview Moment?

I don’t think I can name one, so how about this? Mostly what resonates is the importance Multiview places on recognizing each other; through routine awareness initiatives, open discussions to collectively celebrate individual or company wins and also through the challenges we face. Each time that we’ve been able to gather (pre-COVID), it’s like a family reunion without the annoying uncle or aunt. It’s quite the challenge to pick a favorite moment. However, there is one moment which I can’t even talk about other than to say it’s a Secret Squirrel – queue in the Top Gun scene “it’s classified.”

Can you describe your career progression in the field of technology?

I’ve been on the technology side for slightly over two decades, after having been curious about a 386dx in my youthful days. I quickly learned that it was considerably less painful to learn how to make and fix things than it was to bring what felt like a dozen cinder blocks to the computer store. I’ve carried that approach throughout my career path either as an individual contributor or as a people/function manager, with each step progressively looking towards a role that enables sharing knowledge and experiences in an environment built around the very principles Multiview has held for 30 years.

What surprised you the most about working for Multiview?

How passionate everyone is towards genuinely embracing and living the values that make Multiview.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I’ll put vinegar on plain chips; I don’t know why.

Out of all of the countries and cities I’ve lived in, I keep coming back to Ottawa.

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