CFO = Chief Storyteller

michael-johnson-circle-medWhen I was a corporate accountant for a public company earlier in my career, one of my projects was creating a new dashboard to be rolled out to executives across the company (Yes, this was/is a Multiview client!).

It was my first formal presentation to the CFO of that organization. In the room, we also had the broader finance leadership team (Director of Accounting, Financial Reporting, Finance Operations, Controller; you name it

A few minutes into the presentation, the CFO stopped me and said “Hang on, let’s take a step back”.

“We need to keep in mind that it’s our job to tell the story about what’s going on in our business…”

To this day, I agree that it’s the finance team’s job, among many other things, to ensure:

  • You’re telling an accurate story
  • You’re telling a timely story
  • You’re telling a decision-inspiring story
  • You’re shaping the future story

The solutions we build for our clients at Multiview make it easy for all users to be this storyteller.

It’s not only about how you get the numbers, but also how effectively you are able to communicate them.


To learn more about Multiview’s vision and our clients’ success stories:


Multiview Financials ERP provides our clients with a comprehensive software suite that empowers their finance teams. Request a demo today!

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