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Managing Financial Risk Graphic

Managing Risk in the Real World

As 2022 starts to come into view, most organizations are knee-deep in annual planning, trying to prepare for the road ahead. As the long and murky pandemic fog starts to clear, finance teams are ...

Woman Sitting and Reading Graphic

Recommended Reading for Every CFO

Recommended by Justin Winchiu With back to school just around the corner, there’s no better time to think about continuing education, and it doesn’t require going to class. Justin Winchiu, ...

75% of respondents answered to the CEO Michael Johnson that the cash flow statement is the most valuable financial statement

19 Ways to Increase Your Organization’s Cash Flow

For many reasons, ensuring appropriate liquidity for your organization is a critical component of being resilient, proving to be more and more imperative when writing this during the COVID-19 ...

CFO Retrospective: Where we are today

CFO Retrospective: Where Multiview is today

Three months ago, Justin published CFO Perspective: What I’m thinking about, where he wrote about Multiview’s approach to the health and economic uncertainty that COVID-19 brought as well as ...