Message from the CEO: Multiview’s Response to COVID-19

To all our valued clients,

With all the impacts the COVID-19 pandemic is causing in North America and around the world, we wanted to let you all know what we’re doing for you, our partners and for our staff.

We have successfully delivered all core services with all-company work from home in the past. Beginning today, we are following the recommendations of Canadian and local public health experts and asking all staff in our head office to work from home for a 3 week period. We are confident that the processes and practices that have worked for us before will allow our team to continue being client obsessed.

With all functions working remotely, our team will continue to monitor our operations and make incremental improvements as required to ensure all services continue to meet our standards as circumstances evolve and change. Some of these changes were already underway. For example, over the last month, we consolidated all client-related tickets across a central platform to allow for improved coordination between teams. We believed at the time that would improve our service to clients. This approach will allow us to address health absences but also family needs and accommodations for members of our team should any arise.

All non-essential travel for staff has also been cancelled, and we’re maintaining regular contact with all staff via a dedicated group to ensure our team’s health and safety is maintained.

Our collective communities are going to experience significant changes and disruptions to normal routines. At Multiview, our values of being People First,Client Obsessed, Stronger Together and Working Smart are guiding our actions as we prepare for what may come. We also Believe in Better and know that if we remain pragmatic but positive, we’ll all get through this.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding, and know that at Multiview we remain committed to supporting all of our clients and their organizations through these challenging times.

Michael Johnson
President & CEO

Multiview Financial Software

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