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2022 CFO Survey: Most hospital finance teams still waiting for access to real-time data

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Ottawa, Ontario – October 26, 2022 – In August 2022, more than 100 healthcare financial professionals throughout the United States participated in a survey conducted by Becker’s Healthcare and sponsored by Multiview Financial. The survey explored the role of data analysis in hospitals and health systems.

One of the most significant findings was that 90 percent of respondents reported that data analysis is important to achieving their organizations’ financial goals, yet only 25 percent said they had access to robust real-time information to drive better financial performance.

Multiview CEO Michael Johnson said these findings suggest antiquated technologies not tailored to healthcare are preventing smaller hospitals and health systems from becoming truly data driven. Most of the organizations represented in the survey have fewer than 500 beds.

“Today, I truly believe there isn’t a single hospital or health system with less than 500 beds
where the finance team couldn’t benefit from additional resources, whether that’s more staff or better processes and tools,” Mr. Johnson said. “You shouldn’t have to be a 500-plus bed hospital with a large finance team to unlock the data in your EHR, automate your accounting processes and transform into a data-driven organization.”

For more data from the survey, download the report via Becker’s Healthcare.


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