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Wisconsin Hospital Systems Selects Multiview

Prairie Ridge Health, Stoughton Health, and Edgerton Hospital and Health Services Join The Multiview Financial Software Family

Ottawa, ON – Three Wisconsin hospital systems, Stoughton Health, Prairie Ridge Health, and Edgerton Hospital, have partnered with Multiview, a leader in financial automation and technology, to transform their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. The three health systems will move to a powerful, data-driven ERP solution to deliver effortless intercompany and multilevel reporting across each of their respective organizations.

Why Wisconsin Hospital Systems Chose Multiview As Their Healthcare ERP

Charles Roeder, CFO at Edgerton Hospital shared the driving factors of their decision process: “Edgerton Hospital and Health Services selected Multiview because it will automate a considerable amount of our current manual processes, increase our staff productivity, and enable us to provide more timely analysis of the operational information our organization needs to know.”

Jamie Soyk, Director of Financial Services at Prairie Ridge Health, shared: “Prairie Ridge Health is excited for the opportunity to partner with Multiview to increase our efficiencies through the automation of our processes.  With the anticipated improved efficiencies and increased level of reporting data through ViewSource 360, Multiview will allow us to better leverage our resources and provide more meaningful data for our Organization.”

Thanks to strong executive relationships and a clear understanding of each Client’s future goals, all three health systems signed a seven-year agreement with Multiview. Multiview will provide support to help their staff to optimize operational efficiencies through the Multiview ERP and solutions.

Michelle Abey, CFO at Stoughton Health, also weighed in on the upcoming move from SAP to Multiview, “Stoughton Health is looking forward to taking some manual accounting processes and automating them using Multiview.  This increased automated efficiency will allow our small team to better serve our organization through higher-level analysis and strategy.”

The Multiview ERP platform will be deployed through a cloud-based model that is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of the three organizations. Through Multiview’s ERP, they will be able to leverage data across all venues of their business within the ERP to provide a real-time, accurate view of the organization’s health and needs.

“Prairie Ridge Health, Stoughton Health, and Edgerton Hospital are a group of passionate Critical Access Hospitals who, like so many rural healthcare finance teams, desperately need automation and better access to the data that supports their financial numbers,” said BDE, Chris Cuming at Multiview. “We’re thrilled to help them overcome the menial tasks that are taking so much time, and to give them visibility into their clinical EMR data so they can start driving their business forward through better financial stories.”

About Multiview

Founded in 1990, Multiview builds powerful financial and operational management software for companies across a multitude of industries. The organization’s flagship offering, Multiview ERP, is used across client organizations who benefit from the powerful integrated modules combined with sophisticated real-time reporting.  Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Multiview maintains sales and support operations throughout North America.

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