IMUG2019 – That’s a Wrap

Every year Multiview partners and customers gather in one place, for 3 days of learning and exploring Multiview’s newest developments, getting targeted training on products and seeing what the future of Multiview has in store.

President & CEO Michael Johnson delivering our keynote address at IMUG 2019.

We have just wrapped up our 28th annual IMUG conference in beautiful Denver, CO; the event was a huge success as we were able to appreciate and value our customers and partners. This year our attendance of the conference grew by over 50%, having more guests than ever before.  

During the event we received an enormous amount of positive feedback about how much our guests have learned about Multiview ERP and how they will be able to implement this into their offices and make changes in their business. We were able to conduct interviews, being told success stories from many different corporations about how investing in Multiview has been able to make such a positive impact in their businesses.

Justin Winchiu onstage at IMUG 2019

With over 60 sessions and 24 speakers Multiview was able to give our customers and partners insight on implementation, budgeting, the Multiview Cloud and most importantly Making Month-Ends, End. Not only was this week about learning but also about celebrating our customers and partners. We were all able to come together and celebrate the difference we have made.

Every year we look back on the conference with a new excitement for what the future holds for us as a company and for our partners and customers. We are making a difference in so many different industries and feel motivated to improve each day. We are changing the way accountants and finance teams see their jobs so they can stop chasing numbers and start using them.

To all of our attendees, Multiview would like to thank you have participating in our largest and most successful IMUG conference yet! We hope to see you all next year at in our hometown Ottawa, ON


Multiview Financials ERP provides our clients with a comprehensive software suite that empowers their finance teams. Request a demo today!

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