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healthcare finance trend graphic

2022 Healthcare Financial Trends | Multiview ERP

Although the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic may be behind us, the results of the pandemic — including rising expenses in healthcare — are lingering. One study on National Healthcare Spending found ...

accounting team in meeting graphic

Key Roles in Accounting

Accounting Department Functions & Duties The accounting department manages your company's finances. Whether your company's accounting team is just one or two people or many, it plays several ...

Healthcare Finance Software & HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare Finance Software & HIPAA Compliance

As data breaches continue to threaten businesses of all types, healthcare professionals have a lot at stake. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a behemoth of a force ...

Choosing an ERP

How to Choose the Right Healthcare ERP

If your healthcare organization has outgrown your basic accounting software and you're looking for more functionality and integration with other systems, you may want to find an ERP specific to ...

Healthcare Finance KPIs You Should Be Tracking

Healthcare Finance KPIs You Should Be Tracking

The healthcare industry has gotten more regulated, competitive, and data-centric than ever. This means that your healthcare organization needs to do whatever it can to ensure that it is accurately ...

Compliance in Accounting Graphic

Compliance in Accounting

There are rules in life that keep things running smoothly and minimize harm. For example, traffic lights and stop signs help prevent accidents on the road. Following the rules ensures that the system ...