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The Multiview Partnership Experience: Implementation and Beyond

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How Multiview’s ERP Implementation Sets Us Apart

When starting out with new Multiview clients our team builds out a complete schedule, involving all stakeholders with a targeted “Go Live” date. From the very beginning, we have a properly defined implementation process. This ensures we help bring more efficiency to your organization and set up everyone for success. 

Jerry Klinker“Multiview’s implementation team is accountants that know the product inside and out. So, we were able to have process-level discussions about accounting. These conversations were critical as we went through the implementation process.”
Jerry Klinker, CEO, Ohio Valley Gas



When a client is ready to go through the implementation process, we assign one or two people to work directly with them. Our team will have two different calls with new clients; a discovery call and then a pre-implementation call. During that process, we go over all business particulars and how specific operations are run.  

To help guide the conversation, new Multiview clients are asked to fill out a questionnaire that helps define all of the implementation components. A detailed project plan outlining everyone’s task is then created, with weekly meetings to evaluate how the implementation is progressing.  

When there are bumps in the process, our implementation team has one-on-one meetings to talk through things they don’t understand. We found this hands-on approach to learning is meaningful because the client gets to interact with the product to adapt and learn the technology. So, this has been a tremendous change for us, and we see positive outcomes.  Once the training and testing are finished, we “Go Live”. 

Here are some of the common questions we get from clients before they start the implementation process.

Approximately, how long does the implementation process take? 

The average is four to seven months, but it depends on what is being implemented. It also depends on the amount of time that a client has to dedicate to implementation.  

Some organizations don’t have the resources and staff to dedicate to the implementation process. Do you have any recommendations for them? 

With advanced notice, we can plan accordingly. There may be some additional costs associated but it would be less than bringing in a consultant. We can also extend the implementation schedule to fit any schedule. 

What are some of the important milestones along the way? 

The first significant milestone is the chart of accounts. We usually see clients decreasing their chart of accounts considerably. The next significant milestone is reconciling the GL history details from their old system into Multiview.  It allows clients to have all the necessary information on hand the day they start using Multiview. The next is working through the various processes to gain efficiency by putting in as much automation as possible.

Jillian Green“Arnold Ventures: Multiview’s implementation team created a report that we can run monthly to reconcile our daily accounting entries with our investment-related data. If you know how to use the reports, the ability to use them is excellent.”
Jill Green, Director of Accounting


The Ongoing Relationship With Multiview 

At Multiview, one of our core values is to be “Client Obsessed”. To use, that means going beyond the basics and ensuring clients have a seamless experience. Many companies pay lip service to be people-centric, but at Multiview, this idea is ingrained in everything we do. We continually support the financial departments of our clients’ operations, and in this critical environment, there is a need to be focused and responsive. If you send an email; someone will get back to you. If you call, someone will get back to you promptly.    

There’s no limit or quotas on how many support calls our team takes each day. Instead, we focus on the quality of calls, mainly because each request can be complicated. And when needed, other teams within the organization such as QA and IT can help the client through some cases. Even the development team can be involved. 

When a client contacts our support department, we don’t ask them to sit in long queues. “Our ticketing system has worked well for us,” says Liz Palumbo, Senior Manager of Client Support. “Customers can reach support through email or voicemail, allowing us to take time to prepare better to handle the complexity of the call.” 

To help our support team, we have built a tremendous amount of self-service content. Our documentation portal, which all of our clients can access, contains around 300 articles, including webinars, videos, announcements, and “how-to” papers so that clients can find quick answers to common questions and concerns. 

This level of effort has led to a consistent 99% satisfaction score from Multiview customers. It’s important to us; because your ongoing success is important to us.  

Michelle Wolpert“With other ERP providers, we couldn’t just pick up the phone. We had to call a middleman or consultant every time we had a problem.  And then we’d be on the clock for $200.00 an hour. So the fact that support is included in our licensing was very appealing to us. The way we evolve as a company, I really think it would have been very painful with another ERP. Multiview can grow and evolve along with us.”
Michelle Wolpert, Budget Manager, Quantlab Financial 

If you’re seeking an ERP partnership with expert implementation and ongoing support, look no further than Multiview ERP. Get started today by contacting us for a free software demo.

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