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Client Obsessed: Multiview’s Support Team Goes Above and Beyond

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At Multiview, we strive to stay true to our mission. We operate under five core values, one of them being Client Obsessed, and that means going beyond client needs to make their journey a seamless experience. We realized the power of creating a people-centric organization that values clients. We do this by supporting the financial departments of our clients’ operations, and in this critical environment, there is a need to be focused and responsive.

Multiview’s ERP Support Services

We don’t have a typical call system with quotas to meet in terms of how many support calls our team takes each day. Instead, we focus on the quality of calls, mainly because each request can be complicated. Not only is there involvement from the support team, but, when needed, other teams within the organization such as QA and IT can help the client through some cases. Even the development team can be involved.

When a client contacts our support department, we don’t ask them to sit in long queues. “Our ticketing system has worked well for us,” says Liz Palumbo, Senior Manager of Client Support. “Customers can reach support through email or voicemail, allowing us to take time to prepare better to handle the complexity of the call.”

The way that the tickets are picked up is on a first-come first-serve basis, with emails and voicemails ending up in the queue. Once support picks up a ticket, it gets put into their queue. From there, they will analyze the urgency using the following criteria.

  1. Is the client site down?
  2. Can the client log into the system?
  3. Is this an issue that is going to stop productivity on their end?
  4. Does the client need something done right away?

Regardless of priority, we commit to getting back to the client within the hour, either by email or voicemail, to let them know that we’ve received their ticket and get more information from them if required. “Sometimes, we can give them a resolution within that time frame,” says Palumbo.

With the ticketing tool, nothing is being overlooked. We keep a record of every ticket that has come through for every client. “We are aiming for quality,” adds Palumbo. “We don’t have a quota to meet in terms of how many calls the support team is taking. We involve different teams, but in the end, they are getting that one on one experience on that call with the one support rep.” If the company’s support rep is not available, with stellar record-keeping, someone different can pick up the ticket and get up to speed quickly.

Another part of our client support is our self-service initiative. We have a documentation portal that all of our clients can access. It contains around 300 articles, including webinars, videos, announcements, how-to papers so that our clients can find quick answers to common questions and concerns.

Whether it’s through our one-on-one support calls or our online client portal, we are obsessed with creating a positive experience for our clients while solving their problems. We are proud that our feedback over the last twelve months shows an average 99% satisfaction score, proving what many already know: our client support team goes above and beyond for our clients every day.

If you’re looking for a cloud ERP solution with stellar customer support, look no further than Multiview. Get started today by scheduling a demo.

liz-palumboLiz Palumbo, Senior Manager Client Support

With a B. Math, Carleton University, Liz Palumbo has 16 years of progressive experience at Multiview and currently leads the client support team. She is a valued member of the Multiview Team.

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