ViewSource 360: The Benefits of Multiview ERP’s Multi-Source Data Warehouse

Multiview has built what is referred to as “ViewSource 360” for a multi-source data warehouse. In basic terms, it keeps all your data in one place.

ViewSource 360 lets you drill to the details from your production systems, allowing you to see supporting information that is summarized in the general ledger and financial statements with a single click.

For example, suppose you own a physiotherapy clinic and that you want me to tell you why the physical therapy department costs went up 50 percent. Without ViewSource 360, I might not have access to the payroll system. I would have to wait on the payroll data person to download that data. I would download that data to reconcile it to the Multiview system or the accounting system.

However, having payroll information already in ViewSource 360, I would look at the related accounting data involved, like the job type and the pay rates, all the data between the two pay periods in ViewSource 360. With this information, I can then explainwhy the payroll costs went up 50 percent. That’s a real “aha” moment when I introduce that system feature.

No matter what type of report you are creating, you don’t have to memorize that data format for consistency.

As an example, suppose you’re doing your nursing cost report every quarter or annually. You don’t have to remember how you summarized last year’s data to fill in those blanks on that cost report form to submit. You simply pull up the next year’s data, and it’s already there and memorized for you for consistency in reporting.

Another great feature of the program is the related accounting data that keeps you from having to do those “Excel Gymnastics” with the corresponding accounting data. If you want to track something, now you can use the RADs in the system to do that work for you.

Electronic workflow processes are significant for saving time and getting real-time data. You can avoid those bottlenecks, increase efficiencies, and align your communications, which goes along with not being buried by paperwork.

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Being inefficient by walking paperwork around the facility to get it signed, or better yet, you’ve already passed them on to somebody who loses it. Then the accounts payable person receives the vendor’s phone call asking why they haven’t been paid. Then you have to track down that piece of paper. With electronic workflows, you can track that piece of paper at the click of the button. We have features in place to not let them sit in there too long. The tools are in place to do away with those bottlenecks.

When people are out of the office and paperwork needs to be signed, it is forwarded from one user’s inbox to another inbox. So, you have waived that sick leave or vacation bottleneck.

This helps to continue the flow of information through the system and keeps vendors paid on time, and your monthly close isn’t delayed because you aren’t waiting on journal entry information; it’s all right there.

If you want to stop chasing numbers and start using them, contact us today or schedule an ERP software demo to get started.

amber-simon-headshot-circleAmber Simon

Before joining Multiview as a Solutions Engineer, Amber worked for a critical access hospital in Washington State that used Multiview. Amber has an MBA and 13 years of healthcare experience. Before that, she worked for Fortune 100 corporate companies, giving her corporate knowledge and healthcare experience.

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