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Stronger Together: Multiview Announces Cerner Sessions for IMUG 2020: Digital Edition

Stronger Together: Multiview Announces Cerner Sessions for IMUG 2020: Digital Edition

Multiview is proud to announce that we are hosting our annual Cerner and Multiview Partnership Sessions at IMUG 2020: Digital Edition again this year.

We welcome our existing clients and prospective clients of Cerner and Multiview, and also other healthcare finance leaders who are looking for greater insights into their organization to participate in this virtual session.

These three sessions will include conference presentations and a live chat, providing attendees an opportunity to listen to thought leadership discussions and watch detailed demos of how the Multiview and Cerner systems can be used together.

Cerner & Multiview Partnership Session: Overview & What’s Next!

This session will kick off with a conversation between Multiview President & CEO, Michael Johnson, with guest speaker Mitchell Clark, President of Cerner Community Works. They will share their observations of the impact of COVID-19 on the healthcare sector and how the future of healthcare is likely to change

Following the conversation, Laurie Thompson, who leads Multiview’s implementations for new Cerner clients, will demonstrate and navigate through the power of integrating Cerner and Multiview solutions and what advantages our partnership brings to hospitals.

This session may be a refresher for some clients, but we expect that everyone will gain additional new insights into what is possible. We encourage client participation to share your experiences with these features and functionality, and let us know what else you need to ensure we are on the right path.

Cerner & Multiview Partnership Session: Materials Management

During this session, we will be discussing the interoperability of Multiview and Cerner software solutions for users of either Multiview’s or Cerner’s Materials Management solutions. The session will be presented by Rodney Kimlin, Senior Knowledge Leader at Cerner Corporation, and Laurie Thompson, Implementation Specialist Lead at Multiview.

Cerner & Multiview Partnership Session: Live Q&A!

Two-way conversation creates a real learning experience. So seize this moment and bring your reporting questions to this live Q&A session. We will have experts available from both Multiview and Cerner to answer questions and do their best to follow up if they can’t get to all of them. Even if you don’t have specific questions, we believe it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn by understanding what other hospital teams are asking!

For more information and to register, navigate to the IMUG 2020 Agenda here.

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