Multiview’s Hiring Process: What You Need to Know

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You see a job posting on our career site and you want to send an application. But before you hit apply, make sure you are prepared. To help you get started, I provide some insight into the stages of Multiview’s recruitment process.

What We Look For in a Candidate

Other than someone who fits the qualifications and skill set, and embodies our five core values, we look for someone who has gone above and beyond, not just in their job. We value volunteer experience and extra-curricular activities. It shows what drives somebody, what they do when they aren’t working. What motivates them.

We are a financial software organization, so it does help to have an accounting background, not for all of the positions, but for our core business accounting it is essential.

It All Starts with an Awesome Resume and Cover Letter

(Oh, and don’t forget the portfolio!)

Before you start the application process with Multiview, we recommend updating your resume and cover letter for accuracy and relevance.

We look for a short, crisp, sharp resume and a good LinkedIn profile. Don’t be afraid to ask current or former colleagues to recommend you for particular skills, or even write a testimonial for you on LinkedIn. It adds tremendous value to your application. Also, including volunteer experience on your resume is an asset, but applicants don’t always foresee that value.

We look at consistency in an applicant’s employment. Suppose there is a gap between two jobs that could be something that stands out. This poses an opportunity to build a rapport, and it’s not always negative. It sparks a different kind of dialogue, which can improve the conversation. For example, tell me about when you were between these jobs, how did you spend your time? How did you pivot from that experience? (How to explain gaps on your resume).

A cover letter is a fantastic opportunity for a customized approach to a job application. We like them, but they aren’t always necessary to be considered for a job. People don’t always have time to write cover letters because it is a customized document that should be altered with every job application. A good cover letter includes where the applicant is current location and their expectations. People should always focus more on projecting their aspirations and less on positions they held in the past because, as Multiview progresses as a company, the position may change with internal growth opportunities based on your unique skill set.

Identifying Potential Candidates

Multiview’s hiring process varies depending on the role, but there are ways our recruiting process is similar for all positions.

The hiring and HR managers manually screen through every resume together and reach out to the applicants that qualify. Together, they develop role-related questions based on the skills and experience advertised for the position and align these questions with behavioral questions based on Multiview’s five core values – people first, client obsessed, stronger together, work smart, believe in better. So, before your interview, take some time to get to know our core values to demonstrate how you can contribute to meeting our goals.

The Interview Process During COVID-19

If there’s interest on both sides, there are usually two stages of interviews in our hiring process the pre-screening phone interview, which is followed by a video chat. Between each round of interviews, we gather information to determine next steps.

Feel free to interview us as well. You are welcome to come with questions that you would like to ask us about our work, team, and company culture. This can help you to determine whether the position and company culture are the right fit for you.

Multiview will continue to follow various federal, provincial, state, and city guidelines to keep our employees, visitors, and clients safe during COVID-19. Following these guidelines, our onsite in-person interviews are being replaced with video conference interviews lasting around 45 minutes to an hour.

To have a great interview session, be sure to use a reliable computer and internet connection. You will probably need to download GoToMeeting, our video conferencing tool.

Here are some takeaway tips that may help to prepare you for a great interview:

  • Research Multiview and learn about our company culture via our web, social, and blog.
  • Read and understand the job description that we posted.
  • Brush up your interview skills for personal and technical rounds (organizational skills, time management, project management, meeting deadlines and for some roles, financial accounting).
  • Demonstrate knowledge you gained in previous roles by presenting your work samples, projects, portfolios, etc.
  • Prepare a list of your work references.
  • Prepare a few questions for us- it’s a two-way street!

Making the Final Hiring Decision

The hiring process can take anywhere from three to four weeks from posting to bringing someone on board. We strive to communicate relevant updates with applicants along the way.

Once the position is filled, we strive to let all applicants know of the decision by email.
For the successful candidate, the employee on boarding process begins on the earliest start date that works for the candidate.

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monika-bains-squareMonika Bains

Monika Bains, Human Resources Advisor, who we recently welcomed to our Multiview team, is a professional with 8+ years of human resource experience. She attended Banasthali University, Jaipur, India, for her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and received her HR PG Certification from Georgian College.

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