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Arnold Ventures Reduces Month End Close With Multiview Financials

Arnold Ventures and Multiview ERP

Arnold Ventures is a philanthropy dedicated to tackling some of the most pressing problems in the United States. By investing in sustainable change, based on research and a strong foundation of evidence, Arnold Ventures strives to drive public conversation, craft policy, and inspire action through education and advocacy. The four key issue areas Arnold Ventures focuses on are criminal justice, education, health and public finance.

Location: Offices in Houston, Washington, D.C., and New York City.

Founded: 2010


Arnold Ventures

Why Arnold Ventures Selected Multiview For Their Philanthropy Accounting Solution

It was early summer 2018 when Arnold Ventures connected with Multiview in search of a new accounting system.

Arnold Ventures used a financial software solution that was more suitable for small business accounting. However, the organization has grown since it was created in 2010 and realized it needed a more robust accounting software to fit its growing organization.

Director of Accounting Jillian Green wanted one accounting system that would increase efficiency. We spoke with Jillian about how Multiview has helped the organization move forward.

Jillian Green, Director of Accounting at Arnold VenturesJillian Green, Director of Accounting

Jillian is a certified public accountant who provides support to Arnold Ventures’ accounting team. She assists in preparing tax schedules, analyzing financial statements, and monitoring internal systems and controls. She holds a master’s in marketing and a bachelor’s in accounting from Texas A&M University.

How has Multiview helped Arnold Ventures with its overall business objectives?

Multiview has helped us monitor our cash balances with ease. Using the trial balance analysis feature, we can review and analyze cash flow for internal budgeting purposes every week.

How long did the month-end close process take before Multiview?

Multiview has drastically decreased the time spent on our month-end close. We can now reconcile and close various accounts in the time it previously took us to close one.

By using Multiview, can you measure any improvements to productivity or time-saving?

The journal entry and voucher interface have been a beneficial tool for our team. The value these interfaces have provided for our corporate credit card and payroll entry reconciliation process is instrumental. With these interfaces, we can upload multiple accounting-related transactions with one entry.

The budgeting and reports features are also two of my favorites. Every month, we can run a comparison that’s integrated into our report feature. This monthly comparison report is already set up for us in Multiview. So it’s just a simple report refresh.

What are your favorite Multiview features?

Multiview’s implementation team created a report that we can run monthly to reconcile our daily accounting entries with our investment-related data. If you know how to use the reports, the ability to use them is excellent. So that’s probably been my favorite feature.

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