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Patient & Hospital Accounting Graphic

The Difference Between Patient & Hospital Accounting

Hospitals have one of the most complex accounting structures. In addition to multiple internal entities and closely integrated third-party partners, patient accounting has to deal with different ...

Multi-entity Accounting Graphic

What Is Multi-Entity Accounting?

One of the biggest challenges of multi-entity accounting is balancing the needs of empowered decentralized organizations with the efficiency gains of centralized operations and processes. The CFO for ...

Healthcare & Finance Graphic

The Future of Healthcare Finance

I have the privilege of talking with Chief Financial Officers and finance teams in healthcare throughout North America. I hear about the incredible strides they’ve made, the innovations they’ve ...

Cloud Software on Laptop Surrounded by Server Racks

How A Cloud ERP Can Future-Proof Your Business

In a fast-paced and growth-oriented company, you need more than basic accounting software. You need enhanced functionality, seamless integration with other systems and features you can adapt to your ...

Illustrated graphic of two people connecting their computer to the cloud.

Tips for Migrating From an On-Premise to Cloud ERP

Your on-premise ERP may have been an excellent option when you committed to it, but your company might be ready for a more flexible solution. Multiview Financial Software gives you industry-best tips ...