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The Multiview ERP Series. Part 1: Core Accounting

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Finance teams and executives spend too much time chasing, manipulating, and making numbers work. It can take days, or even weeks, to close the books. The impact of this is making vital decisions off old data.

Here’s what we have come to learn. Organizations are spending their days managing finance processes, rather than managing their business. It’s not how finance leaders want to spend their or their team’s time. You need real-time data on how your organization is performing.

That’s why we built Multiview ERP.


The fundamentals still matter at any size. Whether you employ 400 people under one roof or have a headcount of 4000 spread across the globe, understanding cash flow is always critical. Finance teams need to understand how cash is coming in and where it’s being spent. Yet so much time is spent tracking down invoices, getting sign-offs, and reconciling an endless amount of entries at month’s end. Multiview prepares your financial statements instantly, giving you true insights and control of your numbers.  


  • Complete audit trail with electronic workflow approvals. 
  •  Performance data from any perspective from a single database. 
  • Document management with drill-down functionality  
  • Multi-entity data with enterprise security and function management

In a perfect world, all the information you need would immediately be at your fingertips. Revenue would always hit projections, that “new” report could be run in minutes and trial balances would always work out. But the reality of the day-to-day is much different.  If an expense dramatically rises one quarter, this increase can trigger multiple phone calls, meetings, and some forensic analysis of the books to understand what happened.    

Multiview’s fully integrated general ledger module instantly gives you the financial information you need. Get the highest-level view possible or drill down on every penny. Your team can now catch issues and mistakes before the month’s end and close the books in a fraction of the time. 

“Our former processes required so many steps and had so many controls, and sign-offs in place month’s end took a couple of weeks. The exports and the general ledger structure in Multiview make it easier. It now takes less than a day to complete our month-end close.
Jim Caruso, Director of Finance, South University 

Multiview has helped us monitor our cash balances with ease. Using the trial balance analysis feature, we can review and analyze cash flow for internal budgeting purposes every week.
Jillian Green, Director of Accounting, Arnold Ventures

I live in the general ledger module. I am reviewing the trial balance analysis and journal transaction inquiries on a daily basis. It’s very easy to navigate and I can drill down and filter on data in any field which enables me to review entries, account balances, and review discrepancies timely.
Amanda Buckingham, Controller, Monroe County Hospital 



  • The accounts payable module is fully integrated
  • Control cash and vendor payments with electronic workflow approvals and imaging. 
  • Multiview handles multiple entities with vendors shared across entities or secured to specific entities. 
  • Intercompany transactions are self-balancing with due to/due from automatically generated. 
  • 1099 processing is fully integrated into Multiview along with creating an electronic file for transmission. 

As the expenses pile up, so do the manual ad-hoc systems for keeping track of everything also increases. There can be multiple signoffs required, changes to terms, and unauthorized purchases. And if there are discrepancies or data entry errors, trying to track down invoices can be an adventure of its own.  

Multiview’s accounts payable module gives you complete control over overpayments and payment strategies. Automate the payment of regularly offering expenses or create a custom workflow to ensure the proper approvals are done quickly and correctly. All transactions, even paper invoices, are accounted for and fully integrated with every other section of Multiview. 

“My accounts payable team was the first team to use the tool. It made their jobs easier as they were able to scan invoices instead of manually inputting them. Records are now kept electronically, so we no longer need file cabinets with tens of thousands of sheets of paper accumulating each year.”
Jerry Klinker, Director, Strategic Projects, Ohio Valley Gas 

“The workflows in Multiview means that managers can attach invoices directly from emails and have the payment transaction follow the correct review and approval channels. We can monitor the progress of these, there’s no lost paperwork and the auditors love it too.”
Theresa Tabor, Controller, Mt. Ascutney Hospital 

“With Multiview we have been able to cut our Accounts payable time from almost a 40 hours a week to around 5-6 hours a week. It has been a great time saver for us and we are so grateful for all of the work Multiview has put in to automate things.”
John H Everett, CFO, Cogdell Memorial Hospital


  • Control customer credit, review collection problems, issue invoices, and statements. 
  • Record both miscellaneous cash payments as well as invoice collected payments. 
  • Review payments, outstanding receivables as well as customer credit in the fully integrated reporting module. 
  • Entries post directly to the sub-ledger and the general ledger allowing for visibility with drill back functionality. 
  • Document management is fully integrated into the accounts receivable giving visibility on items such as customer contracts, emails, purchase orders etc. 

It’s the other side of the cash flow coin. Accounts receivables get an incredible amount of attention regardless of the industry. Are you getting paid in a timely manner and managing collections properly? And this is before making sure everything balances.  

Multiview’s accounts receivable module is fully integrated into the system, allowing for control of all critical business functions surrounding cash and receivables. 

“We wanted to eliminate the manual processes. The billing department has changed its billing system. We’re getting automated feeds daily to help with non-cash related transactions on how customers do things. When we do a billing cycle when we send bills to several of our 28,000 customers, we get a file that comes across, and that’s now all automated.”
Jerry Klinker, Director, Strategic Projects, Ohio Valley Gas 

Watch the KLAS Research Spotlight that conducted interviews with dozens of Multiview clients for their technology spotlight report on Multiview ERP solution.

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