The Multiview ERP Series. Part 2: Business Insights

Finance teams and executives spend too much time chasing, manipulating, and making numbers work. It can take days, or even weeks, to close the books. The impact of this is making vital decisions off old data.

Here’s what we have come to learn. Organizations are spending their days managing finance processes, rather than managing their business. It’s not how finance leaders want to spend their or their team’s time. You need real-time data on how your organization is performing.

That’s why we built Multiview ERP.


The business world is driven by data. Proper reporting and clean data are essential for all decisions; big and small. Yet, so much of our time is spent chasing numbers, preparing endless custom documents, and figuratively jamming round pegs into square holes. Your financial data should be available at all times, in formats that provide insight for the various people who need it.  You need to make information work for you; not against you.  

Multiview and our most popular module, ViewSource 360, are about to make your life a whole lot easier.

Business Intelligence

Reporting can be a double edge sword. They provide detailed data for deeper insights but they can be very specialized, involving lots of steps. It’s not uncommon to spend entire days wrangling spreadsheets and pivot tables, to create dozens of custom reports.  

Board members may want top-line revenue, EBITDA, and results, whereas a department manager may only care about cost centers. With Multiview, everything lives in one system. Our dynamic reporting structure gives you an unparalleled level of customization, detail, and accessibility that can be accessed at any time.  

The Business Intelligence module also generates consolidated statements with ease, transforming any audit process from arduous to effortless. And the best part: there’s no need to involve your IT Department or have a third-party build a custom report – Multiview gives you all the tools to do everything in house, at no additional cost.

  • Easy-to-use, fast, powerful reporting without IT 
  • Graphical visualization 
  • Accurate info in real-time 
  • On-demand executive dashboards

Multiview enables us to accurately track all aspects of the financial systems at the hospital. The interface with ViewSource360 is very beneficial for analyzing a variety of aspects of revenue. And I can trust that it ties to our general ledger.
Larry Brown, CFO, Monroe County Hospital 

Budgeting & Forecasting

Budgeting can be a moving target and forecasts are rarely 100% accurate. However, going back to revise all the numbers can be a painstaking process. Finance teams either create workarounds or in a worst-case scenario, start over.  

The budgeting and forecasting module is fully integrated into Multiview. It facilitates multi-year budgeting for capital projects as well as planning for short term and long term goals. The ability to forecast various multiple scenarios, as well as budget allocations creates a single point of truth. You can even automatically decline purchases that blow up your budget.  

If budgets need to be revised, changes can be done in real-time, with all approval requests automatically sent to the appropriate teams.

  • Workflow approvals are built into the budgeting process. 
  • Multiple departments have the ability to contribute to the process. 
  • Assumptions by percent, statistical, fixed dollar amount etc. and allocations by department/organization can be built into the budget workbooks. 
  • Human resource workbooks can be budgeted by the employee, department, hourly, salary, benefits, etc. 
  • The budget module workbooks are secured and access is granted for either visibility and/or read/write privileges. 
  • The budget module integrates directly into the reporting module allowing visibility of budget to actual along with drill back functionality to the budget workbooks based upon security.

The budgeting and reports features are two of my favorite tools. Every month, we can run a comparison that’s integrated into our report feature. This monthly comparison report is already set up for us in Multiview. So it’s just a simple report refresh.
Jillian Green, Director of Accounting, Arnold Ventures 

We introduced Multiview’s budgeting product last year and it was great. This year, with additional data, staff are excited about being able to see the underlying transactions that influence their budget assumptions. They can make scratchpad notes and see their budgets change dynamically.
Theresa Tabor, Controller, Mt. Ascutney Hospital 

Document Management

It’s not a paperless society yet; so businesses are still dealing with filing cabinets or and infinite pdf attachments. Multiview eliminates unorganized folders and attachments lost to the “inbox”. Have all your papers in order for every audit and budget discussion.

  • Scan, store, and attach all relevant documents 
  • All modules allow visibility into support docs

The system provides a lot of information with ease of access to that information. It is easy to use for those who use it a lot as well as for those with limited needs. Our managers use it primarily for approving invoices and reviewing budget variance reports and training them has been easy.
Amanda Buckingham, Controller, Monroe County Hospital 

Project Management

The more complex a project is, the more room there is for issues to arise. Finance teams need help reducing uncertainty and understanding if project costs are going off the rails. They need real-time information on what is happening. Multiview’s project accounting module can be used in many ways. Companies can track progress, have visibility of tasks, and understand how capital projects are impacting cash flow.

  • Track up to 20 different attributes on capital projects such as budgets, purchase orders, requisitions, funded dates, and more.  
  • Review project timelines, create alerts/notifications. 
  • rack items not related to capital budgeting such as Grant management/contract management

We want to spend our time managing and making good decisions, not manipulating and correlating reports, spending hours shifting data and making your reports look pretty. With Multiview you can spend your time making real decisions for your company.
Sherrill Atasay, Controller, Newport Harbour Corporation 

If you’re interested in learning more about Multiview ERP and our business insight modules, contact us today for a demo.


Multiview Financials ERP provides our clients with a comprehensive software suite that empowers their finance teams. Request a demo today!

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